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24 April 2015

Padley & Venables’ new Ninja bits drill straight

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Padley & Venables ninja bit drill
Ninja bits drill straighter, according to those who field-tested the product.

Ninja Button Bits from Padley & Venables have earned good reviews in the field, with users saying the bits drill straighter.

That is a key benefit as they are used primarily in blasting applications. “If the holes deviate, you don’t get the rock fragmentation you want,” said Steve Harper, product manager for Padley & Venables.

Straight drilling also lessens the stress on rods, shanks and couplings that come behind the bits.

The Ninja, unveiled at INTERMAT 2015 in Paris, is billed as suitable for most hard rock, top-hammer drilling applications. It is available in sizes ranging from 48mm to 64mm.

The bits feature distinct angle-faced grooves and deeper lateral flushing flutes, which aid in rock removal from the bit face and increase drilling speeds.

The open-face design of the bits enable the rock to fall into the void between the three face tips before being crushed, which adds directional stability and helps create the straighter hole.

“Those who tested it say the hole is straighter, and the bits offer an improved service life,” Harper said.

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