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23 April 2015

RDS extends product range with exclusive distribution deals

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RDS Group Rotar scrap shears
Rotar scrap shears are designed for heavy duty operation
Demolition, recycling and environmental equipment specialist RDS has extended its product range with several distribution deals that include shears, hydraulic breakers, dust controllers and asphalt recyclers.

RDS is now the exclusive distributor in France for the Rotar range of shears, cutters, grabs and shovels. This includes the Rotar Scrap Shear that features a powerful cylinder combined with an integrated speed-valve to produce a strong cutting force. The product’s well-balanced hydraulics and heavy duty construction make it suitable for applications such as scrap yards, demolition sites, recycling facilities and ship wrecking.

Another exclusive RDS distribution deal for France is with Netherlands-based hydraulic breaker specialist AJCE Europe. AJCE breakers incorporate state-of-the-art technologies such as an anti-blank firing system, speed control, power control, underwater hammering capabilities and an automatic greasing system.

For dust control at demolition, recycling, material handling and other sites, RDS now distributes the MB Dustcontrol Spray Canon - a fog/misting machine that produces a curtain of micro-water droplets. The curtain suppresses dust in open spaces by binding dust particles in the air so they fall to the ground.

RDS is now also the exclusive French distributor for the Bagela range of asphalt recyclers. The recyclers use waste asphalt or milled material to make new base layers and can produce up to 10 tonnes of asphalt mix every hour. The recycling of 1 tonne of asphalt requires just six litres of fuel and the machine can produce hot asphalt mix in only 10 minutes of operation.

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