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24 April 2015

Robust tyres for port machines and wheeled loaders

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GoodYear Tyres

Goodyear has unveiled robust tyres for port machinery and introduced new sizes of its wheeled loader tyres. It has also launched a tyre management system to help improving total cost of ownership.

For port applications, the EV-4C and EV-4R are both size 18.00R25 and are particularly suited for container handling machines and straddle carriers, says the company.  The EV-4C tyre has a deep tread design for use in wet conditions and to increase tyre life while reducing total cost of ownership. The tread design also reduces lug-induced vibration to improve operator comfort and ensure even tread wear. Robust sidewalls offer a high level of impact resistance. The breakers and carcass of the tyres are reinforced for greater stability and productivity. The EV-4R shares similar features and benefits with the EV-4C but has a solid tread with two grooves providing high robustness.

Goodyear now offers a complete the range of sizes in its RT-5D product line to cover all types of wheeled loader.  The new RT-5D sizes are 20.5R25, 23.5R25 and 26.5R25 and offer the same high traction performance, impact protection and ride comfort of the rest of the range, claims the company.  

Goodyear’s new EM Track III tyre management program is aimed at helping customers reduce the total cost of ownership of their tyres. EM Track III is a Windows-based service tool that records and makes available all relevant data for the life of a tyre. The system records information such as fleet details, tyre and rim fitments and service data, such as inspections and tyre pressures. In addition the system allows the creation of specialised reports, including historic and forecast information about tyre performance.

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