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24 April 2015

Secmair develops sophisticated road repair system

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Secmair Yvon Gerbel
Yvon Gerbel, marketing manager for Secmair
A highly sophisticated new road repair system from Secmair allows users to make efficient road repairs. The system features an innovative laser scanner unit, which monitors the road condition ahead of the vehicle. It then automatically switches on the spray emulsion and chipseal materials flow as the vehicle travels over the cracked or potholed area requiring repair. The detection of the damaged road surface is completely automatic, as is the application of the surface treatment to repair the area. Yvon Gerbel, marketing manager for Secmair said, “You just need to drive the truck. You don’t need to look at the equipment.”

Gerbel explained that the new package helps boost operating safety and said, “With this equipment you are operating in a live traffic situation, which is why it is better to just drive the truck.” He added that there is now no need for the operator to be distracted from driving the vehicle to make adjustments on screen or to select different functions.

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