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02 February 2015

Topcon offers compact digital imaging solution

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Topcon’s IP-S3 digital imaging solution
Topcon's IP-S3 offers a smaller, lighter digital imaging solution
Topcon claims that its new IP-S3 system offers a compact and lightweight 3D imaging solution. This high density system is said to be five times faster than previous generation tools, while weighing in at just 18kg. Scanning at 700,000 points/second, the system is said to offer data-rich results with its 30MP panoramic imagery and offers a mobile mapping powerhouse, according to the firm. The company says that this high-density and high-resolution camera comes in a unit that is much smaller than its predecessors. The system is used with the Topcon Mobile Master Office software to carry out post-processing functions in a single application. And the company says that the Mobile Master Office software provides a comprehensive workflow in a single package, which can turn raw sensor data collected by the IP-S3 system into rich and precise point clouds and images.

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