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22 April 2015

Trimble GCS900 makes dozers more responsive – and faster

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INTERMAT Day 2 2015 Trimble GCS900 system
Dozers can maintain quality and move faster with the GCS900 system.

Improved Trimble technology will enable contractors to reduce dozer time as much as 40%. The Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System has improved responsiveness, which provides a substantial benefit on jobsites.

“It corrects faster,” said Dwayne Rosie, Software Sales Engineer in the Heavy Civil Construction Division. Because the correction is quicker, the machine itself is able to move faster without sacrificing quality. “You get it done faster with a consistent finish and less rework,” Rosie said. “It all means cash in contractors’ pockets.” The productivity gains are significant, with contractors able to grade between 35% and 40% faster on average, depending on the dozer type and the material being used, said Ryan Kunisch, marketing director for Trimble Heavy Civil Construction. GCS900 version 12.7 features GradeMax Plus, a new technology. The system uses the Trimble GS420 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor to detect the current rate of acceleration and changes in orientation. Trimble has also increased the rate at which the GCS900 system drives the valves on the dozer for smoother, more consistent control and rapid recovery of the dozer blade – which is what enables operators to grade higher quality surfaces at even faster speeds. With GradeMax Plus, operators can grade a wider range of complex surfaces without constraints.

Operators have the freedom to rotate the dozer blade on steep slopes while maintaining constant grading speeds. This enables performance whether working on mostly level surfaces, such as roadways, or uneven terrain including golf course projects. Rosie said the system is intuitive and features an interface nearly identical to previous products, with only a few cosmetic changes in the newer version. “It’s user friendly, and productive,” Rosie said.

“With the release of the latest version of the system we are taking machine control to a new level,” Kunisch concluded.

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