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24 April 2015

Vögele offers high performance mid-sized paver

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Vögele Super 1600-3i paver
Vögele is offering increased performance for the mid-sized paver class
Vögele is increasing the performance of its mid-sized paver range with the introduction of the tracked Super 1600-3i and wheeled Super 1603-3i models. These offer the low emissions and high performance capabilities of the -3 series in the mid-range size class. The models slot into the Vögele range between the smaller Super 1300-3i and Super 1303-3i, and the highway class Super 1800-3i. The screed offers paving widths of up to 6.5m using hydraulic extension and 7.5m with mechanical extensions fitted. Features include the firm’s EcoPlus and AutoSet packages. As with the larger machines in the range, the Super 1600-3i and Super 1603-3i are also equipped with the PaveDock Assistant system, which helps improve communications between the operator and asphalt truck driver during hopper loading.

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