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09 February 2015

Vögele introduces new spray paver

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Vögele Super 1800-3i asphalt paver
Vögele is introducing a new generation SprayJet machine
Vögele is introducing a new generation SprayJet model, built around its latest Super 1800-3i asphalt paver. Like its predecessor, the new machine features an add-on emulsion tank and spraybars and is designed to both spray emulsion and carry out asphalt paving. Anja Sehr of the firm’s marketing and communications department said, “This does two steps in one.” She added that using this type machine boosts paving quality, as the SprayJet can ensure a homogenous layer of emulsion is spread over the surface, before the new asphalt layer is laid.

Using separate machines for emulsion spraying and paving does not guarantee such an even spread of emulsion according to Vögele, particularly at the edges and this can lead to lower overall paving quality and even early failure of the roadway.

This new model benefits from a series of improvements introduced for the latest generation of Vögele asphalt pavers. A key update is that operation of the spray module has been integrated into the paver’s ErgoPlus 3 control system. The new spray module features an insulated emulsion tank with a capacity of 2,100litres and integrated electric heating. This ensures that the emulsion is kept at the correct temperature for spraying, while a heated emulsion pump circulates the material in the tank, ensuring that it is homogenous.

The SprayJet module is designed as a self-contained unit that can be fitted or removed quickly to the paver, extending the versatility of the whole package. In SprayJet configuration the machine offers a maximum spray width of 6m. The paver can also be used as a standard machine if required and in conventional configuration without the spray function can pave widths of up to 9m.

Rehabilitating roads by replacing the surface course is a cost-effective and eco-friendly process, and very popular in numerous countries. The firm says that this novel machine can be used for paving thin layers hot onto spray seal or tack coat.

The SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet is equipped with five spray bars. The front spray bar has six spray nozzles and is located between the machine’s crawler tracks, right behind the push-rollers. An articulated spray bar installed on each side of the paver comes with seven nozzles/side. Finally, a short spray bar with two nozzles is provided right behind each crawler track. This arrangement of the spray bars allows full coverage of the existing surface with emulsion, even when the pave width varies. The rate of spread can be selected accurately within the range of 0.3 and 1.6kg/m².

The SprayJet nozzles do not spray emulsion continuously, but operate in pulsed mode. The frequency of the spray pulses is adjusted automatically as a function of the selected rate of spread, pave speed and pave width. As a result, complete coverage of the existing surface with a uniform film of emulsion is achieved, without any overlaps. Emulsion is applied at an low pressure of no more than 3bars. In combination with the high-quality spray nozzles, this allows the emulsion to be sprayed cleanly.

The paver itself meanwhile comes with all the features of the firm’s recently introduced Super 1800-3i, including a choice of screeds.

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