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09 April 2018

Bell Equipment launches two axle hauler with bigger payload

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Bell Equipment is now offering a twin axle variant of its 28tonne capacity hauler called the B30E 4x4. This machine is aimed at use with small to medium-sized quarries that feature integrated aggregate production facilities. However the firm claims that the new machine offers distinct advantages over more conventional haulers.

According to Bell Equipment product marketing manager, Tristan du Pisanie, the Bell B30E 4x4 offers a key alternative to the company's conventional 6x6 ADT. This new model provides an option for customers who have had to choose between tipper trucks, rigid dump trucks and 6x6 ADTs. In addition to smaller quarry operations, the truck will also target specific markets, such as tunnelling.

Although its twin axle design means it does not offer the full off-road capabilities of a 6WD machine, the 4WD model can perform well undulating haulage roads and light terrain. A key advantage is that it provides better manoeuvrability in confined material handling areas or stock yards. Having one less axle means no tyre scuffing which results in significantly reduced tyre wear compared to 6x6 applications on hard ground. The front tyres are typical 23.5R25 tyres whereas the heavier loaded rear axle uses 29.5R25 tyres, commonly found on 40t ADTs. With its oscillation joint providing permanent contact of all wheels, and a well-balanced load distribution, the B30E 4x4 with its 21.5tonne empty weight is said to outperform rigid trucks or tractor-trailers at load and dump areas, or in wet conditions.

The new two-axle truck is based on the 6x6 model Bell B30E and shares the front chassis and oscillation/articulation joint. This means that Bell customers benefit from the 246kW Mercedes-Benz engine, six-gear Allison automatic transmission with integrated automatic retarder. The machine’s data collection tools use the truck’s sensors  and are controlled by embedded software in the controller. The wet brake system is the same as the B30E on the front axle while the rear axle has a larger set of brakes from Bell’s 6x6 B40E.

With an identical payload to the B30E 6x6, the major differences are the shorter rear chassis with a solidly mounted Bell 36-t axle and the newly designed 18.6m³ bin. Compared to the three-axle ADT, the B30E 4x4's outer turning circle diameter is 1.3m smaller, which makes manoeuvring in narrow loading or tipping spaces easier and faster. The short bin allows optimal loading times for silo discharge or with wheel loaders, and is also compatible with the more typical excavator loading method.

All Bell ADTs include the company's satellite-based fleet management system, Fleetm@tic, which provides customers with detailed information which assist them to improve production, maximise utilisation and safeguard machine condition.

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