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Aggregate Business Europe World Highways Intermat
Aggregate Business Europe World Highways Intermat
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10 April 2018

Deutz is offering alternatives to conventional diesel power

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Deutz is investing in hybrid systems and alternative fuels, while also developing advanced low emission packages. The company is developing electric power options for off-highway equipment following its purchase of Torqeedo, a firm supplying electric power units for sale into the marine sector. A key move is its innovative hybrid powertrain, being unveiled in prototype form. This is aimed at use in compact machines such as small wheeled loaders or telehandlers and features a small diesel engine that runs all the time, while an electric drive provides additional power for peak torque requirements.

The diesel runs at a speed that ensures efficiency and recharges the electric system constantly. The electric drive operates only when needed to deliver maximum output. This way the machine can use the stored electrical power and do away with the need for a larger and more costly diesel, which would also use more fuel. As the engine is rated at less than 56kW, it also has a more simplified emissions package, further lowering its long term maintenance costs. Although the cost of the hybrid system may be greater than the more powerful engine that would normally be needed in this class of equipment, the lower running costs will justify the initial outlay over the medium term.

The package uses proven technology and the battery for example comes from BMW’s i3 electric car, as Torqeedo has a partnership with the automotive firm.

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