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Aggregate Business Europe World Highways Intermat
Aggregate Business Europe World Highways Intermat
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27 April 2018

More reach and less weight for Socage’s 75TJJ

First published onINTERMAT
Daily News
Day 5
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Italian manufacturer Socage has modified its 75TJJ aerial platform so that the basket has a greater range of movement. Whereas previously all four stabilising legs were set perpendicular to the body of the vehicle, the front stabilisers now pivot so that they can be placed at an angle, if required.

“You can change the position, depending on where you are working and it also increases the reach of the boom towards the front of the machine,” explains Socage marketing manager Giulia Bigini. Socage has also made the chassis of the machine lighter so that it does not require any special transportation licenses to move it.

As well as enjoying a view from 75m up in the 75TJJ’s basket, visitors to Socage’s stand at Intermat could also see the 18-tonne model from its range of telescopic aerial platforms, which it has just updated. “We started two years ago making the booms lighter, using a patented tubular profile,” says Bigini. “Now we are applying the same technology to the chassis for the first time. It means that the trucks are really light but also really strong.” The vehicles all weigh less than 3.5 tonnes which means they can be driven with a normal driving licence.

Socage, which sells its platforms in Europe, South Asia and North Africa, launched a new range of Spider machines at Intermat. Previously, it offered just one, the SPJ15. “This new range is lighter and easier to control,” says Bigini. “We are producing a full range and really want to jump into this market.”

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