2021 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting

The PPRA Annual Meeting Program Chairs, PPRA Executive Committee, and the AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA Boards of Directors have reviewed and considered a number of options for the 2021 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting, scheduled from February 15-19, 2021. Factors considered have included: participant health and safety, travel restrictions, speaker commitment, and educational and social programming.

After reviewing all factors considered, the leadership of AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA have collectively agreed to host the 2021 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting virtually, February 15-18.

15th February, 2021 - 18th February, 2021
Event Organizer
business AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA
Event Location
room Online