Constructing Quality Asphalt Pavements

Constructing high quality, long-lasting asphalt pavements is the ultimate goal of our industry. In this seminar, you will learn the basics of each of the important steps in the process. These steps include selection of the right component materials, how best to combine the materials in the mix design, how asphalt mixture is produced and hauled to the project, best practices for preparing the underlying layer for paving and the placement/ laydown and compaction principles and best practices of asphalt mixtures. We will also discuss the important quality assurance process during each of the critical phases of construction in order to make sure quality is achieved. The course agenda and each topic will closely follow the outline of the new MS-22 manual provided to each student for easy referencing. The instruction is intended to be interactive with time for discussion and questions.

22nd October, 2020
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business Asphalt Institute
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