Testing extension for UK vehicles

UK vehicles will be given an extension on annual safety checks.
March 26, 2020 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Motorcycles, cars and trucks are subject to annual safety checks in the UK, but these will now be extended temporarily - image © courtesy of Mike Woof

Car and motorcycle owners in the UK are being given a six month extension on the annual MOT tests for their vehicles. This follows an earlier announcement that heavy trucks will be given a three month extension on MOT tests.

The announcement was made by the Department for Transport. Vehicles with test dates due after 30th March will be subject to the extension process. The decision to provide the extension was in light of the current Corona virus pandemic. Although garages are permitted to remain open at present in the UK, many have been closed.

In the UK, all registered motor vehicles are subject to annual MOT checks to determine safety. The inspections check critical safety points such as brakes, lighting, tyres, suspension, steering and structural condition. However, classic vehicles aged 40 years or more are already exempted from the annual MOT tests.