New UK dual carriageway project commencing

Work for an important dual carriageway connection in the UK is now moving ahead.
Road Structures / February 14, 2020 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Plans are now in hand to upgrade a stretch of the UK’s A30 to dual carriageway status - image © courtesy of Highways England

Work is now to commence on the A30 development project between Chiverton and Carland. The route will be upgraded to a dual carriageway along this stretch, forming a £290 million project by Highways England.

The upgrade will improve safety, cut congestion and boost access for drivers on their daily commute. The 14km stretch of road will be upgraded to dual carriageway status, allowing maximum speeds of 112km/h (70mph).

The work includes building a two-level junction at Chiverton Cross and a new roundabout to ensure the free flow of traffic on the A30. It will feature a new partial junction at Chybucca built on two levels with west-facing slip roads to provide access onto the dual carriageway from local routes. New bridges will be built at Tolgroggan Farm, Pennycomequick Lane and over the Allet to Tresawsen road to provide local access. A two-level junction will be installed at Carland Cross with a new roundabout north of the dual carriageway and re-using the existing roundabout to the south. Meanwhile, the existing A30 will remain as a local route with new sections where necessary to provide continuity and connectivity for local communities.

Following the granting of planning consent, main construction works are scheduled to start later this year, with the route expected to be open to traffic in 2023. During construction, the work will take place away from the existing A30 route to ensure continuity for traffic.

The cost of developing the scheme is being partly funded by an £8 million contribution from the European Regional Development Fund, with an additional £12 million for the construction phase. The remainder of the cost of developing and delivering the scheme is being funded by central Government.