Seattle bridge repairs planned

Repairs are being planned for the West Seattle Bridge.
Maintenance / December 1, 2020 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A repair plan has now been set for the West Seattle Bridge – image courtesy © Mariana Ianovska,
Further repair works are being planned for the troubled West Seattle Bridge in the US. The link had to be closed to traffic in March 2020 when cracks were found in the structure.

Repairing the bridge has been selected as the best option as this will cost in the region of US$47 million to carry out. By comparison, replacing the structure entirely would cost anything from $390 million to $522 million. The bridge carries around 100,000 vehicles/day, considerably more than it was designed for. Opened in 1984, the bridge later had an extra lane added.

The link has had issues in the past including a jammed bearing, as well as creep in its concrete structure and also had to cope with an earthquake.

Phase I of the repair programme is now being completed. But Phase II will require more time to carry out, with the repairs being completed by mid-2022.

The plans also call for the construction of a second bridge that will carry a light rail link, as well as cars and in addition, will have facilities for cyclists.