Concrete slipforming and compaction advances

An array of new systems are being made available for concrete slipforming and compaction duties
August 17, 2020 2 mins Read
By Mike Woof
Versatility is claimed for GOMACO’s new model
Versatility is claimed for GOMACO’s new model

For the concrete slipforming market, a number of new machines are now available for contractors.

GOMACO now offers a versatile machine able to handle slipforming and placing/spreading duties. As a slipform paver, the GP360 is capable of working up to 10.97m wide. By fitting a 1.524m belt, the unit can be used as a concrete placer/spreader for widths up to 20m.

The 5700-D slipformer from Power Curbers can handle more duties than its predecessor
The 5700-D slipformer from Power Curbers can handle more duties than its predecessor

The machine is based on the GOMACO GP3 slipform paver, featuring vibrator circuits for paving and auger drive circuits for placing. The control system allows the operator to switch easily between the two duties meanwhile.

Power comes from a 225kW Caterpillar C7.1 diesel that meets Tier 4 Final requirements. The engine drives the conveyor belt and distributes concrete across the grade. The high-volume conveyor belt can be mounted on either the left or right side, depending on jobsite conditions and the location of the haul road.

The GP360 has a discharge speed of up to 150m/min for fast concrete placement. A controllable material deflector directs the flow of concrete at the discharge end of the conveyor, boosting the accuracy of material placement. With the concrete placed on grade, a dual-drive auger system moves the material to the centre or outer areas and across the strike-off.

Designed for versatility, the 5700 slipformer from Power Curbers is now able to handle an even wider range of tasks with the introduction of the latest 5700-D model. This replaces the earlier 5700-C and benefits from extra functions that help to boost its range of capabilities.

As with the earlier 5700 models, the new 5700-D model can be used in a wide range of kerbing, walkway, highway barrier, ditching, paving and tunnelling duties. The machine retains its compact size, simple design, easy operation and high productivity of the earlier variants.  

Access for maintenance has been improved for the new 5700-D slipformer from Power Curbers
Access for maintenance has been improved for the new 5700-D slipformer from Power Curbers

An important new feature is the ability for the machine’s SlipSmart Control system to interface with 3D stringless control packages from all three major suppliers: Leica Geosystems, Topcon Positioning and Trimble.

Upgrades have been made to the controls. These include a new switch that can raise or lower the crawler posts simultaneously, as well as a new vibrator master control that allows the operator to increase or decrease vibration across the vibrators. Also included are an improved cross-slope control, auto-calibration for the radius steer sensor and fine scaling of speed pots. The operator can keep track of engine performance easily due to the new engine display that replaces the multiple gauges on the earlier model. Operator comfort has been improved due to a new cold air dam between the engine and console to ensure better cooling.

The machine now has an easy-pivot conveyor, further boosting versatility. Other improvements include a new canopy, improved low-pressure water system, and a barrier lift kit with its reach doubled to 1.22m. Engine access for maintenance and servicing has also been improved while the high-pressure water system has also been upgraded.

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