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Alloy by Yotta

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Alloy: Connected Asset Management Platform

Alloy is the future of infrastructure asset management. The world around us is changing, with ever increasing data and connectivity and a need to maximise the value from this. Alloy will future proof organisations allowing connectivity of assets and data types, helping organisations make smarter, better decisions and maximise their efficiency.

A fresh approach to the interface will make it easy for users to view, explore and harness their data. Whilst providing an enterprise level system, Alloy will feel like it was designed specifically for the individual user, whatever their specific needs are.

Developed from the outset as a cloud application, Alloy will ensure it is simple to deal with huge quantities of data whilst not burdening IT departments with the challenges this can bring.

The Alloy Gateway will simplify the task of connecting data across whole organisations. Take the next step with Alloy, Connected Asset Management.

Connected Asset Management

Connection gateway
A powerful gateway will allow organisations to connect Alloy to an unlimited amount of systems, devices and data sources.

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Connected Asset Management
Connected infrastructure

Harness the power of data networks and understand and control your assets in real time, enabling better service delivery.

Connected insight
Link your data together across asset types; providing richer, deeper insights into your asset base and allowing better decision making.

Connected technology
Join disparate systems; establishing optimum use of cloud and data services and reducing the burden of handling large, complex data.

Connected data
Infrastructure assets are complex. Combine your data in a single platform to deliver deeper insight across your assets.

Connected organisations
Unify departments and partner organisations by connecting systems and enabling workers to be more efficient with mobile technology.

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Connected systems
Alloy integrates with your processes and workflows so you can effectively manage your asset performance and connect your different systems seamlessly.

Connected people
Powerful visualisation allows infrastructure owners to better connect, interact and engage with all stakeholders.

Connected places

Alloy is designed for infrastructure owners wherever they are in the world. Whatever type of organisation you are, Alloy will connect your assets.

Alloy is for…

Improve operational efficiency and your levels of service. Setup and manage inspection routes in line with your legislative requirements. Bring in defect reports from your CRM, manage contractors, quantities and schedules of rates. Manage your maintenance requests and understand your highways at the click of a button.

Street Works
Manage the works and openings on your highways effectively. Receive notices from your utilities, internal departments and plan these works and issue permits. Using different visualisations of the data you can effectively plan the timing of these works minimising disruption to the network and manage the quality of work undertaken.

Street Lighting
Alloy is uniquely designed for lighting. Hold detailed inventory of lighting and cables. Alloy understands the complex hierarchical nature of lighting and the interrelationships between columns, brackets, and controls and elements. Manage risks of failures, electrical testing and plan for night lighting with nightscape.

Waste Management
Track and effectively manage your waste collection services. Hold details of properties, bin assets and plan the routes for kerbside collections. Use the specifically designed in-cab software to real-time track progress and receive updates from your collection crews.

Grounds Maintenance
Green spaces are a key public service. Manage maintenance on your green spaces to ensure you deliver improved levels of service from mowing schedules, weed spraying and tracking your tree inventory. Manage your contractors to ensure their performance meets your requirements.

Enterprise Strength, User Specific
Alloy helps bring together organisations. Designed from the outset as an enterprise level, cloud solution Alloy can handle a wide range of complex data, as well as the transitions and interactions between these that keep public organisations flowing. Running as a service, Alloy can help save on IT infrastructure and service costs whilst providing the highest level of availability and simple support and upgrade processes.
Although designed as an enterprise platform, Alloy will look and feel like it was designed for each   end user regardless of what their tasks are.
Ensure information gets to the right people in real time and increase the level of transparency you have over your assets. Alloy’s in-built workflow engine will ensure as data is updated or new events are captured, that your systems will be updated in real-time and notifications sent to whomever needs to know.

Going mobile
Alloy is designed to keep your workforce mobile and efficient. Multi-platform applications are available to ensure you have the correct data on site and efficient ways of updating and recording information to minimise duplication of effort.