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AutoTURN Pro by Transoft Solutions

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AutoTURN® Pro simulates 3D vehicle turning manoeuvres on surface and mesh object terrains. Incorporating the trusted AutoTURN engine together with the patented technologies for automating paths and generating three-dimensional vehicle clearance envelopes – engineers, architects, and drafters can design and analyse in 3D while accounting for the effects of different terrain, obstacles, and vehicle parameters.

The leading Swept Path Analysis Software on the Market

By having several features that you will not find in any other swept path solution than AutoTURN Pro, AutoTURN continues to be the leading swept path analysis software on the market. Going beyond simple vehicle swept path checking capabilities in a two-dimensional plane, AutoTURN Pro enters the realm of true 3D design and analysis. Work on multifaceted projects and complex design situations in a 3D environment involving vertical and underside clearance checks, detection of obstacle collision, and traversing challenging terrains.
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Validated by Research and Field Testing

We believe that continuous field testing and research is of the utmost importance. Our research and field testing validate our simulation results, ensuring our users get to work with the safest and most advanced vehicle swept path solution possible. With our research and innovations we keep bringing new tools to the industry, while making sure our vehicle libraries are constantly updated.

Swept Path 2.0 technology

AutoTURN Pro features IntelliPathTM - the only swept path tool with artificial intelligence for automating vehicle path trajectories and performing route analyses for vehicular circulation plans. Simply select routes, waypoints and/or lanes and let AutoTURN Pro check if the route is possible to drive with considering the selected vehicle and speed.
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AutoTURN Pro enables users to create and analyse vehicle swept path simulations in a 3D CAD environment. Together with the ability to illustrate vehicle spatial requirements for ground and overhead clearance in 3D – design conflicts and construction issues can be quickly identified at an early stage in the project when they are easier to resolve. AutoTURN Pro can optimise roadway and site projects by:

   • Increasing design efficiency and productivity
   • Accounting for safety factors in the design process
   • Minimising manual checking of 2D drawings
   • Decreasing design errors and omissions
   • Reducing general work hour design costs

Download a free demo today and see for yourself why AutoTURN is the most trusted swept path analysis software worldwide.