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  • The road funding question posed by EVsThe growing market for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids world-wide will help reduce urban pollution in many areas, while also cutting reliance on...
  • Tackling congestion with tough decisionsAs editor of World Highways, information is provided on a great deal of revolutionary new traffic technology. Some of these new innovations offer...
  • Eyes on the road the distraction problemThe news that Europe's road safety drive stalled in 2015 is a cause for concern. The actual causes of this stutter in the road with regard to...
  • Paying for road developmentAll around the world, road expansion and maintenance is both necessary and ongoing. In the developed nations the focus is more on road maintenance...
  • Modal shift in city transportationThe TV footage of the recent heavy smog in Beijing and other Chinese cities has shown clearly why attitudes to personal transportation need to change...
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