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25 June 2018

Europe’s toxic drivers as ranked by Eco Experts

First publishedin World Highways
Drivers in the Czech Republic are deemed to be the most “toxic” drivers in Europe, according to a survey from a UK solar panel energy supplier, Eco Experts. Meanwhile, Sweden is home to Europe’s most eco-friendly drivers.

The company ranked 25 European countries on four measures of vehicle toxicity: average vehicle age, the number of vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants, the percentage of alternative fuel passenger cars and the ambient air pollution. The survey was based on data from the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) and WHO (World Health Organisation).

Motorists in the Czech Republic came out worst. Not only do they have the 6th lowest number of alternative fuel vehicles (0.7%) of passenger cars on Czech  roads, their cars are also the 6th oldest - 14.5 years on average.

Polish vehicle owners were a close second dirtiest, according to the report. Despite having the highest number of alternative fuel passenger cars (15.5%) in the research, Poland performed poorly on all other measures of vehicle toxicity. Most notably, Poland is home to the oldest cars in Europe - 17.2 years on average - and has the highest recorded ambient air pollution in the continent.

Estonian drivers were the 3rd most toxic. They drive the 5th oldest vehicles, around 15.1 years and only about 0.6% of the cars use alternative fuel.

Croatia and Slovakia completed the list of the top five most toxic drivers in Europe.

UK drivers are among the most eco-friendly drivers in Europe, according to the survey results. British motorists ranked 18th in this research for toxicity, faring better than Germany (17th), France (16th), Italy (13th) and Spain (7th).

The UK’s position is largely owing to the low average age of its vehicles, only 8.5 years, and its moderate number of alternative fuel vehicles at 1.1%.

Across the Irish Sea, the UK’s closest neighbour Ireland also ranked well. Coming in at a very respectable 24th for driver toxicity, Ireland is home to the 2nd greenest motorists in the continent. Most notably, the country has the 7th lowest number of vehicles per capita at 494 per 1,000 inhabitants, and has the 4th lowest recorded ambient air pollution in the continent.

This research revealed that motorists in Sweden are the most environmentally-conscious, with the 2nd highest number of alternative fuel vehicles (7%) and the lowest recorded ambient air pollution. The country’s Nordic neighbours also placed well, with Finland (23rd) and Denmark (22nd) being named amongst the top five least toxic drivers in Europe.

From dirtiest (1)
to cleanest (25)

1 Czech Republic
2 Poland
3 Estonia
4 Croatia
5 Slovakia
6 Slovenia
7 Spain
8 Romania
9 Austria
10 Hungary
11 Luxembourg
12 Latvia
13 Italy
14 Lithuania
15 Belgium
16 France
17 Germany
18 United Kingdom
19 Greece
20 Portugal
21 Netherlands
22 Denmark
23 Finland
24 Ireland
25 Sweden

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