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30 June 2010

European highway construction costs evaluated

First publishedon www.WorldHighways.com
A STUDY of highway construction costs in eight European countries highlights Austria as the most expensive.

The report says that highways in Austria cost €12.87 million/km. The next most expensive country is Hungary
at €11.21 million/km, followed by Slovakia at €9.56 million/km and then the Czech Republic at €8.86 million/km. At the other end of the spectrum, costs in Denmark are only €5.89 million/km, in Croatia €6.682 million/km, in Slovenia €7.29 million/km and in Germany €8.24 million/km.

Terrain can increase costs significantly and construction of highways in mountainous terrain is most expensive in Germany at €25.99 million/km followed by Austria with €24.97 million/km, with the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia following in descending order.

Construction of tunnels is most expensive in the
Czech Republic, then in Germany and Hungary.
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Where is the study? I cant find it anywhere :(Peter Turkini17/02/2016 23:27:49
That the highway costs practically the same in Hungary and Austria is significant. You have high mountains here and not even a really hill there. The terrain costs 10 times more here as there. The quality is much more higher in Austria as there. The car driver even pays much more in Hungary. Frigyes Tarjan29/12/2015 08:46:27