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Hang on for this year’s CASE Rodeo challenge!

First published in World Highways
July August 2018
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Competitors in the Case Rodeo operate a range of machines from the firm
CASE is challenging operators in Europe, Africa and the Middle East to demonstrate their skills in the CASE Rodeo final in Paris in October.

Action-packed events will take place at the Paris CASE Customer Care Centre as operators compete for the title of CASE Rodeo Champion 2018. The competition kicked off in February, with the first heat in the Czech Republic followed by events in Italy, the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark.

In the rodeo-style championship – since its exception in 2007 - contestants are challenged with tests at the controls of the newest CASE models. The goal is to push the operators and machines to the limits of their abilities.

The Rodeo events also provide an opportunity for dealers hosting the competitions to showcase their services and experience.

In 2010, CASE organised the first European Rodeo and every year more countries host rounds of the competition. Last year teams representing 13 nationalities participated in the EMEA Region Rodeo. The top finishers from each participating country meet, usually in October, at the CASE Customer Centre Paris in Monthyon for the final, where they compete for the title of best operator of the EMEA region. Last year’s final saw Danish operator Bendt Martin Risom take home the title of Rodeo 2017 Champion.

First prize for the overall winner also reflects CASE’s practical 360-degree approach to supporting its customers, combining an unforgettable travel experience with an insight into CASE facilities and dealers around the world.

For the Rodeo 2017 winner, it was a trip to China, accompanied by his dealer, that included a sightseeing programme in Shanghai and Yunnan and a visit to the CASE Dealer in Yunnan - offering a glimpse into the Chinese construction industry.

The reward trip also presented a business and personal opportunity to Arne Müller Nordestgaard, sales director of S.D.Kjærsgaard, the CASE dealer who accompanied the Rodeo Champion, and Wang Zheng’an, chairman of Yunnan Anry Electromechanical Equipment, the CASE dealer in Yunnan.

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