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11 November 2019

Brazil makes step towards improving road safety

First published11/11/2019
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Brazil aims to cut road crashes with a new partnership

Brazil is making a determined effort to improve its road safety, in a bid to cut the country’s casualty rate. The National Department of Transport and Infrastructure Brazil (DNIT) and the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) are now working together on the Brazil Road Assessment Programme (BrazilRAP). The two aim to prevent road deaths with the introduction of safer road infrastructure to Brazil. The BrazilRAP programme aims to tackle problems on the highest risk roads around the country. This will be carried out in partnership with national and state agencies across Brazil. The aim is to reduce the country’s road fatality rate, which sees as many as 47,000 people being killed on Brazilian roads/year due to road crashes. The programme will be supported by iRAP and its partners in more than 100 countries. Achieving greater than 75% of travel roads featuring safety ratings of 3 stars or more by 2030 would save 17,000 fatalities/year in Brazil.

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