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08 January 2019

France mulls widening the A31 between Nancy and Thionville

First published08/01/2019

France is considering a 115km project to enlarge the A31 motorway between Nancy and Thionville near the border with Luxembourg.

This project is expected to cost between €1.4-1.6 billion and work will be divided into three sections.

The A31 autoroute, also known as l'Autoroute de Lorraine-Bourgogne, runs from the border with Luxembourg to Beaune where it joins the A6. It serves the cities of Metz, Nancy and Dijon and is heavily used in the holiday season as it is a convenient route for those travelling from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany to the south of France. The northern part of the autoroute is free as far as Toul but is a toll road south of there.

Various route and tunneling options are under consideration for the project with work expected to begin in 2023 and the complete route open by 2030.

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