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07 January 2019

Kenya sees slight drop in road casualties

First published07/01/2019
Kenya is seeing a slight improvement in its road safety statistics, with a minor reduction in the country’s annual road casualty rate. The data comes from Kenya’s National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), which reveals a drop in road deaths for 2018 compared with 2017. In 208 3,207 people died in road crashes in Kenya, a notable fall from the 3,658 recorded in 2017. Pedestrians accounted for 1,023 fatalities, while motorcycle riders accounted for 669 deaths. Meanwhile 658 vehicle passengers and 322 vehicle drivers were killed in crashes. Of note is that just 69 cyclists were killed in crashes in Kenya.

Tanker trucks and small trucks feature heavily amongst the crash statistics in Kenya, accounting for 29% of incidents. However, private vehicles are involved in the most crashes and account for 30% of all incidents.

A significant percentage of crashes are head-on collisions occurring at night and involving trucks and coaches. Building more dual carriageways along some of the busier routes would help address this safety concern.

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