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04 July 2019

Tough new laws for bad driving in the UK

First published04/07/2019

Tough new laws are to be introduced in the UK for drivers. New regulations will mean that drivers who cause road fatalities while using their mobile phones will face a life sentence in jail.

At present, the most serious driving offences can result in a 14 year jail sentence in the UK. However the new laws will see the maximum life sentence being imposed instead.

The aim is to send a message to drivers that bad driving is unacceptable. In 2018, 122 people in the UK were sentenced for causing death by dangerous driving. A further 21 were sentenced for causing road fatalities while driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

In addition, a new driving offence is planned. This will be ‘causing serious injury by careless driving’ with a maximum three year jail term.

Factors that are classed as dangerous driving include using a mobile phone at the wheel, speeding or racing.

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