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Hailing a Sennebogen 624 E taxi duty cycle crane in France

First publishedin World Highways
July August 2018
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Speyser, a family-run company from Bas-Rhin, France, is widely known in eastern France for its expertise in special large-diameter and deep drilling operations. As a long-time user of Sennebogen equipment, the French company invested in the completely new 624 E HD duty cycle crane for work on a site south of Strasbourg.

Speyser is drilling large-diameter boreholes in a gravel pit to enable commissioning of the gravel extraction systems on site, explains Christophe Sprauel managing director of Speyser. "Our customers see great demand for drilling in inner city areas, in spaces that are becoming more and more confined. We were looking for a versatile, compact and powerful machine that could be commissioned as soon as it arrived on site." Sennebogen said that it has redeveloped the traditional lattice boom duty cycle crane and designed the 624 E as a basic compact unit quickly ready for installation with casing machines and for rope operation.

The new machine will be referred to as "taxi" duty cycle crane. It uses a foldable box-type boom that can be assembled into its transport position only in three simple steps. Two 6-tonne free-fall winches in the upper carriage provide tractive force. The individually adjustable free-fall brake makes operation simple and easy, according to Sennebogen. With an operating weight of 27 tonnes and a design that qualifies it as a cycle crane, the new 624 E is equipped for multitude of potential applications.

"This new machine is ready to go in no time on site and thanks to its small track width, it can be used safely in confined spaces. Despite its small size, it is very stable and particularly flexible to operate," said David Wagner, one of Speyser’s drill operators.

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