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Iveco’s clean emissions mixer truck

First publishedin World Highways
June 2018
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The new Iveco mixer truck features hybrid technology
The Oxygène mixer truck features extremely low tailpipe emissions making it suitable for use in urban areas with strict environmental legislation.

Oxygène is the result of strong collaboration between cement manufacturer Vicat and haulier Jacky Perrenot, along with industrial vehicle manufacturer Iveco and Cifa, a concrete material manufacturer. It features a hybrid mixer system supplied by Cifa.

Fuelled by natural gas, the truck runs on a  four-axle chassis with the methane carried in a high-pressure cylinder at 200bars, while the low-emission engine delivers 240kW.

The electric-drive mixer drum has a capacity of 8m3. The hybrid system recharges as it drives on-road, allowing onsite operation using only electric power. The machine has been developed for markets with low-emission zones such as Paris and London.

The firms expect strong sales as emissions legislation becomes tougher in Europe’s large cities.

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