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Drone embarrassment

First publishedin World Highways
March 2017
A drone enthusiast captured the embarrassing moment that the driver of an Uber vehicle unsuccessfully tried to cross a tidal causeway in the UK. The drone owner was taking some aerial footage when he spotted the car making the crossing from the Holy Island back to the mainland. The tide was rushing in however, resulting in the car getting a good soaking. Luckily the driver managed to reach a higher point in the crossing so that the vehicle was saved from being totally awash. One of the passengers was rather less than impressed although the other, a Buddhist monk, waved enthusiastically at the drone before it was flown back to its owner. The local lifeboat was called out to rescue the passengers, while the vehicle was relatively unharmed and was able to drive away when the tide receded. Hopefully its owner has made sure to wash the salt water away from his vehicle to prevent future corrosion. The Holy Island Causeway has set crossing times when safe crossings can be made. The driver is likely to check these more closely in the future.
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