Telematics advance for LiuGong

Cummins is working with telematics service provider Topcon/Tierra to support construction machinery manufacturer LiuGong.
Connected Construction / November 15, 2022
LiuGong construction machines will now benefit from telematics technology in a partnership with Cummins
LiuGong construction machines will now benefit from telematics technology in a partnership with Cummins

Cummins and Topcon/Tierra are collaborating to enable advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting for major components on LiuGong construction equipment through a single interface. This solution will improve equipment availability and reduce the total cost of operation by providing actionable insights that enable component care, damage prevention and faster service response.

Cummins is working to offer digital capabilities with existing telematics services providers to support customers. Cummins Connected Diagnostics wirelessly connects engines to enable continuous monitoring and diagnosis of system health and faults. Using telematics, this digital product delivers valuable data to fleet managers via mobile app, email or web portal.

According to the firm, site managers can use data to determine whether to stop machine operation or continue to the end of the shift by understanding the suggested root causes. They can gain an understanding in how long they have before an issue is likely to escalate to a breakdown or critical failure. This means that uptime can be maximised, with any potential fixes done more quickly. With the information provided in Connected Diagnostics, the correct parts, tools, and technician can be made available to resolve issues efficiently.

Tierra Telematic Solutions Tierra provides the complete telematic solution, from hardware to software, from a single SIM that works worldwide to customer support. The result is improved maintenance, increased productivity and costs and wastes reduction, thanks to remote diagnostics and reports and full remote control of all fleets.

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