Mexico City’s new elevated highway

Mexico City’s new elevated highway will link to the new airport.
Road Structures / September 14, 2020 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Another elevated highway is being planned for Mexico City - image © courtesy of Mike Woof
The proposed elevated highway to connect Mexico City with the new airport in Santa Lucia will be 15km in length. Estimates for the project have pegged the construction cost at just over US$425 million. The cost will be split between the Mexico City budget and the Mexican Federal budget.
The new airport is required as Mexico City’s current facility is no longer able to cope adequately with demand. Although accurate figures are hard to obtain, Mexico City is now thought to be the world’s second largest city in terms of population at more than 21 million. Another large airport site was planned but this project was halted on grounds of cost. The Santa Lucia facility is an existing military airbase and the current administration believes that converting this to a civilian airport offers better value for money.
Development work on the airport however has been slowed due to the discovery of at least 200 mammoth skeletons at the site, as well as the remains of a number of horse and camels. Archeologists are working ahead of the construction crews to catalogue and remove the remains. Construction work on the airport site is scheduled for completion in 2022.