Loan will assist Tanzania road project

A new loan will assist a key Tanzanian road project.
Finance & Funding / October 7, 2021 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Funding is secured for road works in Tanzania – image courtesy of © Sjankauskas,
A loan facility has been provided that will help  deliver a key road project in Tanzania. The US$116 million loan is being provided by the African Development Fund (ADF).

The funding package will be used to carry out improvements to the road that links Masasi, Newala and Minvata in the south of Tanzania. The 160km route will benefit from necessary maintenance works as well as asphalt surfacing that will make it more resilient during the rainy season that can adversely affect Tanzania's unsurfaced roads.

The work will provide a much-needed economic boost to Tanzania's Mtwara Region.