Myanmar expressway loan proposed

A loan is proposed to help finance a key Myanmar expressway link.
Finance & Funding / July 30, 2020 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Peter Hermes Furian,
A loan could finance a new expressway link in Myanmar – image © courtesy Peter Hermes Furian,

A loan is being proposed as the financing solution for Myanmar’s Bago-Kyaikhto Expressway. The Myanmar Government is considering asking the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to supply a loan of close to US$4484 million for the project.

The Bago-Kyaikhto Expressway will form part of the Greater Mekong economic corridor, which is why it has importance as a transport route for East Asia as a whole and not just for Myanmar. This importance is why the Myanmar Government believes that the ADB should provide such a significant portion of the financing required.

The 62km Bago-Kyaikhto Expressway will feature two lanes in either direction. The route will connect eastern Yangon, including Kayan, Bago, Thanlyin, Thanetpin, Thilawa, Thonegawa. The Greater Mekong corridor meanwhile will connect Myanmar with Vietnam, running though Thailand and Laos. The route is of particular importance to landlocked Laos as it will give improved access to ports in Myanmar and Vietnam.

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