A new mining road link for Alaska

A new road link will connect to a new mining operation in Alaska.
Finance & Funding / July 7, 2020 55 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new road in Alaska is being planned that will connect with new mining operations – image © courtesy of Wollertz, Dreamstime.com

A new road is being planned in Alaska, which is expected to cost US$350 million to build. The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority has given its approval for a survey work to be carried out on the proposed route.

Called the Ambler Access Project, the road would connect with a planned mining project. The plan calls for the route to be tolled, with mining firms paying to use the road link.

The route stretches 340km into the Brooks Range of mountains. Ambler Mining is looking to exploit mineral deposits in the area.

Aerial surveys of the route will cost $1 million, with this being split equally between Ambler Mining and the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority.

So far $26.2 million has been spent already on planning for the route, which will feature a single lane in either direction. However, not all the necessary permissions have yet been given for construction of the route to go ahead. The project is subject to some controversy also over the environmental aspects of mining in a remote area.