Smart motorways come to a halt?

There are calls for the introduction of smart motorways to be halted in the UK.
Highway & Network Management / November 8, 2021 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
The UK’s smart motorways are intended to reduce congestion but there are concerns over safety – image © courtesy of Petra Schwimmbeck
The introduction of new smart motorways looks set to be halted in the UK following a move by the Commons' Transport Select Committee. There is concern over the safety of the smart motorways featuring all-lane running.

The smart motorways have been developed in a bid to help reduce traffic congestion. The hard shoulder is used as a permanent live traffic lane as part of these schemes.

However, there has been criticism over the safety of this approach and there are claims that smart motorways are dangerous, with a higher risk of deaths on the roads.

The committee has said that there is insufficient data on the smart motorway system either from an economic or safety perspective for the smart motorway programme to be continued. The Department for Transport (DfT) will be following the ruling of the committee until further data can be compiled.