Bauer presents new piling rig ranges

Bauer Maschinen Group is making sustainability “a huge focus this year” as it unveils new electric and hybrid piling rigs.
Bauma 2022 / August 2, 2022


Several electrically driven equipment items are being introduced, which have been designed to be completely carbon-neutral. Alongside the core area of Bauer drilling rigs, duty-cycle cranes from the MC series and diaphragm wall equipment, the group is also introducing devices and equipment from subsidiaries Klemm, RTG and Bauer MAT.

Among the new developments, Bauer is launching its eBG 33, which operates CO2-free, courtesy of its large electric drive. Apart from standard drilling methods, high-performance methods, such as soil mixing and double-head drilling methods, are possible as well as being able to be used with a trench cutter. Bauer is presenting the next generation of electric drilling rigs in the top torque class.

One of the most important innovations is RTG’s RG 19 T, which the company claims as a world first in the telescoping leader segment and comes in a hybrid version combining a diesel engine and an additional electric drive, which considerably reduces its CO2 and noise emissions. All RTG models on the BS55RS and BS65RS base carrier can be offered with this hybrid technology in future.

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