Finance & Funding

July 11, 2024
A loan worth US$220 million will help pay for a key road project for Paraguay.
July 10, 2024
A new US$738 million South Sudan to Ethiopia road link is planned.
July 9, 2024
IRF Global looks to the future of transport
July 9, 2024
US$3.1 billion of funding is being sought for US bridges and highways.
July 4, 2024
The Hillhead 2024 quarry show was a great success according to the organisers!
July 2, 2024
Komatsu has bought the specialist underground machine maker GHH.
June 24, 2024
The website is live and registration is open for the IRF World Congress 2024 in Istanbul, Turkey.
June 24, 2024
Brisbane could benefit from a US$5.1-6.5 billion tunnel project.
June 20, 2024
Total cost of the Ho Chi Minh City-Moc Bai Expressway project in Vietnam is expected to be around US$835 million
June 14, 2024
A US$4 billion bridge replacement and highway upgrade project is planned for the US.