BKT Europe showcases giant EARTHMAX tyres

Indian company BKT’s (Balkrishna Industries) extensive range of EARTHMAX tyres are proving very popular with construction, quarrying and mining customers.
Engines, Components & Tyres / bauma 2022 / October 25, 2022
BKT EARTHMAX SR 468 for rigid haulers
BKT EARTHMAX SR 468 for rigid haulers

Launched last year, the EARTHMAX SR 468 is BKT’s largest tyre to date. Designed for rigid dump trucks (RDTs), its 40.00 R 57 tyres are 3.5 metres high, 1.13 metres wide, and they weight 3.8tonnes.  

The EARTHMAX SR 46 tyres, sized 27.00 R 49 and 33.00 R 51, are also designed for RDTs. The 33.00 R 51 sized version is equivalent to a diameter of over three metres (3,061mm), a width of 905mm and a weight of 2.4 tonnes, while the 27.00 R 49 has a diameter of 2,688mm and a width of 746mm.

Suitable for operations on rocky and harsh terrains, both these tyres are particularly resistant to impacts and punctures thanks to their all-steel structure that provides resistance to the casing.

In addition, the E-4 tread depth offers extreme resistance in severe conditions. Finally, the tyres’ specially designed tread pattern and the tread compound have been developed to reduce the heat generation during extreme applications.

The tyre duo is part of EARTHMAX, the BKT range designed for a better weight distribution on the ground for dumpers, wheeled loaders, dozers, graders, and some multi-purpose vehicles. Today, the EARTHMAX range includes 40 different tyres for the earthmoving, construction, quarrying, and mining sectors and are available in many sizes and different compounds.

BKT says it is working on many fronts in the off-the-road (OTR) tyre sector, with a particular focus on new compounds that are highly cut-and-chip resistant as well as on ultra-heat-resistant compounds that are able of carrying heavy loads maintaining at the same time an excellent TKPH (the average ratio between the transported weight by the equipment and the speed in km/h).

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