Caterpillar highlights prototype batteries for off-highway equipment

As part of the company’s enterprise strategy to support customers during the energy transition to a lower-carbon future, Caterpillar is developing 48V, 300V, and 600V batteries for off-highway use.
Engines, Components & Tyres / bauma 2022 / October 24, 2022
Caterpillar’s range of prototype batteries for off-highway equipment
Caterpillar’s range of prototype batteries for off-highway equipment

Leveraging expertise across the construction, quarrying and mining equipment giant’s global network of technical centres in the US, UK, China and India, the programme focuses initially on battery solutions for equipment used predominantly in industrial applications.   

The battery range, currently in prototype form, uses lithium-ion technology and features a modular design to optimise performance and packaging.

They have also been engineered with sustainability in mind throughout their lifecycle, with the potential to reuse and recycle the units at the end of their life.  

The development programme also encompasses inverters, motors, electronic controls, digital services, and other critical technologies to deliver the performance, reliability, durability, maintainability, and long-term value needed for equipment buyers working in harsh operating environments.  

“Caterpillar has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to sustainability through improvements in our operations and by helping our customers achieve their climate-related goals,” said Steve Ferguson, senior vice president Caterpillar Industrial Power Systems.  

“Our battery programme is our latest step in combining a wide-ranging inventory of innovations with extensive knowledge of the off-highway industry to offer solutions for a range of power needs, application types, duty cycles and operating environments.”  

Caterpillar has committed that 100% of its new products through 2030 will be more sustainable than the previous generation, which is reflected in the company’s line-up of industrial-power solutions and integrated services finely tuned for owners of third-party equipment powered by Cat engines.  

“Improved sustainability is a journey, not a destination, and one size doesn’t fit all in determining the appropriate power solution for equipment owners,” continued Ferguson.  

“Our offerings can help customers and end users start improving the sustainability of their operations today through high-efficiency engines, fuels and digital solutions now available for the jobsite, by extending value and reducing waste over the lifecycle of equipment they already own, and by powering the next generation of equipment with innovations precisely configured for the jobsite.” 

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