CIFA unveils fully automated shotcrete pump for underground construction 

CIFA’s new Mamba shotcrete pump is designed for total automation, enabling greater productivity and ensuring safer and easier working conditions for the operator, says the company.
Bauma 2022 / October 27, 2022
CIFA’s Mamba shotcrete pump is designed for total automation 
CIFA’s Mamba shotcrete pump is designed for total automation 

This is made possible by the inclusion of a laser scanning device on the machine, which allows the operator to take measurements of the tunnel before and after application, thus providing data about the average thickness of the layer of sprayed concrete being applied.

Davide Cipolla, CIFA’s CEO, explained that the new underground range is inspired by nature, which is why the models are named after animals with similar physical or behavioural characteristics. ‘Inspired by nature’, he says, refers to more than just the names of machines, it also describes the company’s goals and aspirations when designing the range.

“We aim to make these CIFA machines as eco-friendly as possible, respectful of the environment and people, and able to transform the notoriously unhealthy underground construction site into a sustainable eco-system,” he said.

Manufacturers of tunnelling machinery, he added, need to work together to create a sustainable construction site in what is a challenging environment – an enclosed space with poor ventilation.

“We need to design intelligent machines, harnessing data to increase efficiency, using electricity to cut emissions and technology to simplify the work of operators.  

“The first step towards a sustainable business model is to create intelligent machines, designed to optimise the consumption of resources. This forms part of a holistic approach that examines the overall impact of every operation, and not just the performance of the individual machine.  

All the data collected by Mamba can be used in the future to determine where to spray concrete and how much to apply at a time, creating a digital model of the tunnel in line with the Building Information Modelling (BIM) method.

In addition to Mamba, the range consists of several other shotcrete models (Elk, Dingo, Rhino and Mantis) and concrete mixers (Coguaro and Myria), in varying sizes and with different features in line with their applications. All the models can be customised to meet the needs of particular projects.

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