Compact electric rollers coming to market

A key development from Dynapac is with the introduction of two new compact electric rollers.
Dynapac’s electric rollers offer zero emissions and quiet working
Dynapac’s electric rollers offer zero emissions and quiet working

The twin drum CC900 e and CC1000 e models are said to deliver the same power and performance of their diesel counterparts. Both rollers benefit from the advantages of electric drives, with savings on running costs, fewer moving parts, and low maintenance needs. They also have powerful batteries capable of completing a full day of operation without recharging. The CC900 e and CC1000 e deliver the same static linear load, amplitude, gradeability, and travel speed as the diesel-powered models on which they are based, with no compromise on productivity or job site performance.

In a typical working day, a 1.6tonne roller will be used for repairs and compaction of around 70 – 80tonnes of asphalt/day at a layer thickness of 40–50mm. In terms of area, this is roughly about 700 m2. Based on experience, this guarantees that the battery will last for a full day of work. In 90% of the cases in trials, about 20-30% of the battery level was left after the workday was over.

With the fast charger, 400V/three-phase system it takes 1.3 hours to reach 80% charging level. The 230V/single-phase charger needs 6 hours to reach 80% of capacity. Dynapac is planning to provide adapters allowing the use of automotive charging stations.

Both rollers in this segment are primarily used in road repair work and are intermittently used. With conventional diesel motors, this means that they are often left idling while the asphalt is raked into position. After compaction, the machines travel to the next repair site where they are also left idling for extended periods. With a standard diesel-powered machine, a great deal of energy and money is wasted. An electric roller does not idle when not in use. In addition, both models are quieter than conventional units, which is of extra benefit for use in urban areas.

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