Dynapac's remote control paver option

Dynapac is now offering the RC360 remote control unit as a customer option along with its F1250CS compact paver. The Dynapac F1250CS is said to deliver the best-in-class screed quality and now can offer additional versatility for customers when supplied with the optional RC360 remote unit.
A remote control option is available for Dynapac’s compact paver
A remote control option is available for Dynapac’s compact paver

Small, yet powerful, the Dynapac F1250CS suits use where high-quality paving is required with widths of 0.5-3.5m. The remote unit allows users to position themselves where they want.

The F1250CS has a high-end screed available with gas and electric heating. The V2400 has the same quality and performance as its larger stablemates and has an extension box for greater widths. As an added benefit, the Dynapac F1250CS can pave below zero, thus increasing refurbishment job efficiency, since the paver can drive out of the milling cut, allowing the screed to pave a smooth finish.

Multiple adjustments such as for angle of attack and the deep bottom plates allow high pre-compaction and a smooth surface, even with thick layers. The quick coupling means setup and operation are easy to use.

The RC360 remote unit allows operators to control the paver from a point that offers the lowest asphalt fumes while providing maximum visibility and results. The remote comes with a case and charging devices with a mechanical connector for external supply.

Ensuring safety during remote operations is important so when the operator is more than 10m from the paver, it stops automatically. The paver also stops automatically when the remote is tilted higher than a 45° angle.

The F1250C comes with a 54kW Deutz engine in either Tier 3/Stage III or Tier 4/Stage V versions to local emissions requirements.

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