Efficient cold mixing plant developed by Wirtgen

The new KMA 240(i) mobile cold mixing plant from Wirtgen is said to make in situ production of high-quality mixes an efficient process. In addition to being able to process bituminous bound mixes, the firm says that its upgraded plant also a cost-effective solution for the production of cement-stabilised mixes.
Bauma 2022 / August 7, 2022
Wirtgen’s new cold mixing plant offers quality output
Wirtgen’s new cold mixing plant offers quality output

The machine features innovative double trough technology that the firm says doubles the speed of the production of mix from various different construction materials. The system allows precise, reliable and automatic addition of large amounts of hydraulic binding agents. As a result, the mix production process achieves high efficiency and quality.

The KMA 240(i) can process a variety of non-cohesive base materials. The double trough system has automatic self-calibration and precision weighing, allowing the addition of binding agents during the continuous mixing process. Depending on requirements, either small or large amounts of binding agents can be added. Milled RAP or other granular material from old road surface layers and other materials from RC processing can be used as environmentally friendly construction materials.

This plant can also produce mixes for cement-stabilised base layers (CTB) and roller compacted concrete (RCC) at rates of up to 240tonnes/hour. These construction materials are integrated in the road construction cycle as high-quality mixes. They can be used for applications ranging from motorway, road and path construction to the construction of vehicle parking areas.

The 100% recycling rate enables considerable CO2 reductions and energy savings, while simultaneously minimising project costs and working time. The plant is mounted on a low-loader semi-trailer, allowing it to be transported easily and also has its own engine.

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