Efficient concrete batching plants from Liebherr

Modular design is the key feature of Liebherr’s a new mixing plant generation. The modular design allows Liebherr to tailor the plants to meet customer requirements. In addition, sophisticated frequency converter technology reduces current consumption by up to 30%.
Materials / bauma 2022 / September 7, 2022
New concrete plants from Liebherr offer versatility
New concrete plants from Liebherr offer versatility

The Betomix and Mobilmix mixing plant series use prefabricated modules and replace several earlier models. Increased weighing accuracy allows up to 7.5kg of cement to be saved for each 1m3 of concrete produced, reducing operating costs.

Various modules can be combined with other modules, while the units are prewired and assembled at Liebherr. These modules are within the 3m width restrictions and can be delivered as complete units to the construction site, reducing transport costs while they can be quickly assembled and commissioned. 

Liebherr offers its own twin-shaft or ring-pan mixers and different units can be specified as required. The units can provide rates of 100-210m³ of compacted fresh concrete/hour while optional accessories can be integrated. Different storage facilities for the aggregates can be incorporated, such as a tower silo or the optional winter cladding. 

A new high-pressure mixer cleaning system, LiClean, combines with the creep speed cleaning mode, to ensure optimum cleaning. In addition, an optional automatic cleaning system is available for the truck mixer feeding hopper.

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