Epiroc V Cutter range grows

Epiroc is adding new models to its V Cutter range, after it launched the V-shaped drum cutter for trenching and quarrying recently. The company describes the V Cutter as a new way to work with rock, concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, soft rock excavation, frozen soil excavation, and demolition.
bauma 2022 / July 25, 2022
Epiroc expands V Cutter range
Epiroc expands V Cutter range

Mounting the drums in a V-shape enables a cut with a flat base and no material is left untouched between the drums, says Stockholm-based Epiroc. Where a regular drum cutter has to move from side to side to create an even trench, an approach that causes extra wear on the carrier arm, the V Cutter can reach the same result by going straight. This means the user can dig a more accurate trench much faster, says the company. The V Cutter is said to enable energy savings of up to 40%.

In addition, says the company, compared to a chain cutter operators save more than 40% on picks and up to 50% on maintenance time. The investment is up to 25% lower than for a chain cutter and the lower weight makes it possible to use a smaller carrier.

Epiroc is introducing the latest addition to the V Cutter range, a smaller model suitable for carriers of 15-28tonnes.

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