High performing asphalt pavers launched by Vӧgele

Vögele is offering two improved asphalt pavers aimed at the highway class. The new SUPER 1900-5(i) and SUPER 2100-5(i) Highway Class pavers are the first models in the firm’s new Dash 5 generation and are equipped with the latest-generation AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds. The firm says that these new pavers benefit from the latest technology so as to meet the increasing need for digitalisation in construction.
Bauma 2022 / August 7, 2022
Vögele is introducing two new highway class pavers
Vögele is introducing two new highway class pavers

Flexible, modular systems are featured that meet needs for process automation and sustainability, as well as user-friendliness and economy.

User requirements have been a key focus during the development of these machines according to the firm. For the paving crew, this allows simple machine handling, maximum operating convenience and safety on the job site.

Reduced setup times, improved logistics and greater machine availability are said to deliver ensure fuel economy and reduce material wastage, helping address increasing fuel and materials costs. New automation and control technology provides operator assistance and has been optimised to prevent errors and to increase efficiency and paving quality according to Vӧgele.

Reducing the noise emissions and fuel consumption of Dash 5 pavers while maintaining the same performance helps meet sustainability targets for contractors, while also lowering fuel costs and CO₂ emissions.

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