Hydreco rolls out its first range of aluminium gear pumps and motors for crushing and screening plants

Hydreco has developed a new range of aluminium gear pumps and motors suitable for crushing and screening plant applications.
bauma 2022 / October 26, 2022
The aluminium pumps will be made at Hydreco’s new facility in Parma, Italy
The aluminium pumps will be made at Hydreco’s new facility in Parma, Italy

The new HY line represents the first aluminium pumps the Dorset, UK-headquartered company has produced.

The aluminium pumps will be made exclusively at Hydreco's new facility in Parma, Italy which opened in 2021.  

Group 1 and 2 pumps are already available in both aluminium and cast-iron body versions, while the latest group 3 aluminium version will soon be followed by a group 3 pump with cast iron body.

The cast iron pumps are currently being made in the UK but Michele Guiati, managing director of Hydreco Hydraulics Italia, said the long-term plan is to migrate all production of the cast iron pumps over to the Parma facility.

Hydreco Hydraulics also offers integrated motion control solutions, which include the new range of MS Series directional control valves, the new MHC multifunction ergonomic handle, and customised hydraulic cylinders.

Hydreco is part of the Duplomatic Group, which was bought by Japanese multinational Daikin in July last year. Katie McColl, CEO of Hydreco Hydraulics and Continental Hydraulics, commented on the integration with Daikin: "This new path is a significant step in our growth history and represents an extraordinary opportunity to integrate the strengths and skills of Duplomatic, Hydreco, Continental and Till."

The Duplomatic Group is strengthening its presence in the German market thanks to the recent acquisition of the company Till Hydraulik - a specialist in the production of microhydraulics as well as hydraulic cylinders for mobile applications.

The group says its commitment to this market includes the recent release of the website www.hydreco.com and the publication of technical and product documentation in German.

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