Innovative electric paver from Dynapac

Dynapac is now offering an electric asphalt paver with zero emissions aimed at use in urban applications. The firm’s eCity Paver SD1800W e is part of the Z.ERA programme and benefits from recent developments the new generation of electric batteries. The SD1800W e has a new electric drive that comes with an efficient 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), providing 55kW to the hydraulic system for the screed and undercarriage.
Dynapac is now offering an electric city paver
Dynapac is now offering an electric city paver

Depending on the type of job, application, and intensity of the work cycle, the SD1800W e offers up to four hours of rugged performance with one single charge. Charging is done with a provided CE-compliant Type 2 plug for 400V, 6-32A, 1.4-22kW AC.

Charging can be achieved using a wall box or a charging station. The SD1800W e is also chargeable using a Type 2 AC or CCS2 DC. Depending on the battery's condition (temperature, battery cycles) charging takes around three hours to go from 5% to 80% @ 400V 22kW (AC) and 40 minutes to go from 5% to 80% @ 80kW (DC). And while charging while working is not possible, a user can pre-heat the screed with the charger (with Type 2 AC or CCS2 DC) while waiting for the material to arrive, preserving the battery level.

The SD1800W e is similar in its build & performance to the diesel powered variant. The electric model delivers a paving capacity of up-to 350tonnes/hour and can pave widths up to 4.1m with the screed extended.

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