Liebherr reveals a new range of electric piling rigs and cranes

Liebherr has launched six new unplugged machines for piling and lifting applications. The piling rigs are called the LRH 100.1 and LRH 200, the drilling rigs the LB 25 and LB 30, and the crawler cranes the LR 1130.1 and LR 1160.1. The new models follow on from the firm’s original LB 16 electric drilling rig, expanding the range considerably.
bauma 2022 / October 26, 2022
Liebherr is now offering a range of electric piling rigs and cranes
Liebherr is now offering a range of electric piling rigs and cranes

The battery-powered units offer zero emissions and are quiet in operation, making them ideal for noise-sensitive work sites, especially in urban locations. The batteries are charged using a conventional electric supply, and the machines can work while charging.  

In order to change to battery operation, the operator simply takes out the plug while performance remains unchanged. All six models are now available in both conventional and battery-operated versions with identical performance. The LRH 100.1, LB 25, LB 30, LR 1130.1 and LR 1160.1 were previously available with diesel power only but are now offered in electric versions too. However, the LRH 200 is brand new.

The LRH 200 closes the gap between the proven LRH 100 and LRH 600. A 200kWh battery pack ensures that the unplugged models can operate in battery mode for 4-5 hours in average pile driving applications. Optionally, it can be upgraded to 400kWh for 8-10 hours of operation.

The new design of the LRH 200 extends the range of applications. In addition to piling, the machine can be used for continuous flight auger, full displacement and down-the-hole drilling, as well as for soil mixing work. A torque of 250kNm provides the power.

When equipped with the hydraulic hammer H 6 from Liebherr, the LRH 200 and the LRH 200 unplugged can lift piles up to 24.5m long and weighing 16tonnes. The LRH 200 is said to offer a large working range, with a radius of up to 8.7m. The design of the leader enables inclinations of up to 18° in all directions. It is also possible to raise or lower the leader by 6.5m, which makes the machine more versatile.

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